Catalysis Lab

Catalysis Lab

The Center for Rational Catalyst Synthesis (CeRCaS) is the world’s first and only research center that focuses on understanding the chemical fundamentals of catalyst synthesis.

A hidden but high-impact science, catalysis is at the heart of the energy, chemical and environmental industries. Catalysis is focused on increasing rates of chemical reactions. It is perhaps best known by the public in automobile catalytic converters, but catalysis is also an essential element for the preparation of commodity chemicals, textiles, agricultural products, specialty chemicals and fine chemicals including pharmaceuticals.

Approximately one third of the world’s economy depends directly or indirectly on catalysis. In other words, if catalysis were a country, its economic impact would make it the third largest gross domestic product in the world.

Yet, in spite of their immense importance, new approaches to catalysis have remained time-consuming and expensive to develop. CeRCaS is working to address this through improved design and controlled synthesis of catalytic structures in the following key areas:  

Through research that transforms catalyst synthesis from an art to a science, CeRCaS saves time and energy in the development of new catalysts for petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical companies as well as catalyst manufacturers.

The optimized catalysts that CeRCaS produces reduce raw material usage, energy requirements and greenhouse gas emissions so they allow chemical conversions to be achieved in the most efficient, economical and environmentally responsible manner. CeRCaS also maximizes the effectiveness of the Medicines for All Initiative, Pharmacy on Demand and other urgently important humanitarian efforts.


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