Medicines for All

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The World Health Organization reports that HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other neglected tropical diseases claim more than 4 million lives every year.

The Medicines for All Initiative is helping address the crisis by increasing global access to lifesaving medications. It accomplishes its mission by reducing the cost of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) - a major cost driver in treating infectious diseases in the developing world.

There is a critical need for novel, cost-saving approaches to API production, but neither innovator drug companies nor generic manufacturers have economic incentives to develop them. Medicines for All meets this need by identifying manufacturing routes that utilize the lowest-cost raw materials and most efficient tools available.

In the process, Medicines for All brings essential drugs to patients who need them most.

The Initiative’s impact is far-reaching, both immediately and long-term. Its creation of new API manufacturing process paradigms that reduce the cost per kilogram of specific drug targets can also be applied to other medicines. So while Medicines for All meets an urgent health care need today, it also signals dramatic changes in future pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies.

Medicines for All targets cost-reduction of APIs in two phases:

In this way, the Medicines for All Initiative is saving lives, promoting health and transforming pharmaceutical engineering.